1. Leon

    27 Aug 2017
    Look at this handsome father of mine. If I have half his good looks at age 67, I’ll be a happy man!

  2. Karo

    20 Aug 2017
    Karo came by the studio for new headshots. Be sure to check out Karolina Joniec in ‘Van God Los’, a new Dutch tv series that starts on the 18th of September! She brought Lou too, the street dog she rescued from Nicaragua. What a cute couple :)

  3. Alexandra

    18 Jul 2017
    Last weekend I had Alexandra over in the studio all the way from London. Look at her shine, what a gorgeous woman! 

  4. Dazzling Daniela

    19 Jun 2017
    Headshots for Daniela. What a beautiful lady she is!

  5. Revisited

    12 Jun 2017
    Every now and again I browse through past projects looking for photos that, for some reason, didn’t make the cut then but are worth sharing now. Today’s find actress Pinar Karaaslan and Ink Warrior Ronnie Julianto.

  6. Leica Q magic

    11 Jun 2017
    From the hip street shot of a passerby at Vredenburg market. That bone structure! Someone give her a catwalk please. More street here

  7. Swedish Time-Out

    22 May 2017
    Before starting my new part-time job as Utrecht University’s photographer (next to my work as freelancer) I took a time-out around Lake Bolmen in Sweden. Basically I just drove around the lake through old forests avoiding deer and the occasional Elk.

  8. Jeannette, my beautiful mother

    09 May 2017
    At age 70, she looks pretty as ever. A mother is a mother still, The holiest thing alive. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  9. Mr. Terrence T Sinclair

    21 Apr 2017
    Yesterday Thierry came by the studio for new casting photos. Thierry is an actor and dancer from the states. An absolute joy to work with. I tried out a new lighting setup and used the 56mm 1.2 instead of the 90mm 2.0. This lens shortens my distance to the model…

  10. Patterns everywhere

    14 Apr 2017
    “Rhythm. Life is full of it; words should have it, too. But you have to train your ear. Listen to the waves on a quiet night; you’ll pick up the cadence. Look at the patterns the wind makes in dry sand and you’ll see how syllables in a sentence should…

  11. Tinka

    13 Apr 2017
    During life we go through fases. Each new fase teaches us more about ourselves. While new fases may feel awkward at first, with time we grow roots and feel at home there. Perhaps, at these points in our lives, we should all have our portrait taken.

  12. Les Pays-Bas

    29 Mar 2017
    After 2 years of photographing professionally, it being my prime source of income, I wanted to nourish my passion for it by starting a continuous project that would allow me, in a way, to let go of the control and strive for perfection that come with shooting paid jobs. The…

  13. Mountains & Clouds

    20 Mar 2017
    What a productive week in stunning Austria. Mountains, glaciers, forest, great skiing and lots of new material for my Mountains & Clouds project. Hard to think of better ways of spending my time than photographing while skiing.

  14. Artikel1

    28 Feb 2017
    Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting portraits for the new Dutch political party Artikel1. The name comes from the 1st amendement of the Dutch constitution that says:  All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political

  15. Gorgeous Pinar

    12 Feb 2017
    Last week I had Pinar come by the studio for new headshots. It just so happened I bought a new continuous studio light the day before, so this was the perfect shoot to test it out and boy… it did not disappoint! It is a killer combination with the what-you-see-is-what-you-get…

  16. Marcel van Nistelrooij

    01 Feb 2017
    Marcel, a colleague from a former life, just started his new job as innovation manager at SNS Bank. For an upcoming convention in Barcelona where Marcel will be one of the keynote speakers, he wanted a professional photo to go with his new role and career.

  17. Interview with yours truly

    01 Feb 2017
    For all you Dutch speakers out there, here’s an interview with yours truly about my switch to photography and why I believe there’s strength in vulnerability and how this is particularly true in photography. I believe we should remind ourselves often, especially these days, why vulnerability and weakness are two…

  18. Lovely Lora

    28 Jan 2017
    Lora came by the studio for headshots. Lora is many things, a stage director and producer, co-founder of Orange Tea Theatre Company, and American dialect and speaking coach for celebrities like our own Carice van Houten. Lora gave me my first jobs as a photographer, so I’m very grateful to…

  19. New Beginnings

    23 Jan 2017
    A new year brings new beginnings Two weeks ago my friends got married and they asked me to shoot the wedding. This was my second wedding in the past few months. Both events were such cool experiences that I’m hoping to shoot more weddings this year. I love a documentary…

  20. Eli Thorne

    29 Dec 2016
    Two years ago Orange Tea Theatre gave me my first paid job as a photographer, shooting headshots for some of their actors. Yesterday Eli Thorne, who started Orange Tea Theater together with Lora Randolph Mander, came back for some new headshots. Thank you both so much for your trust in…

  21. Argentina

    13 Dec 2016
    Working on my stock photo library in beautiful Patagonia, Argentina. One of the best perks of being a photographer, shooting beautiful landscapes while in the process earning back some of those $$ spent on all those local beers :) Here’s a preview… many many more to come in the new…

  22. Drowned Forest

    01 Nov 2016
    Close to my home is this little lake called ‘Verdronken Bos’ which translates to ‘Drowned Forest’. Forest is a pretty big word for this particular collection of sunken trees, and even lake is a pretty big word for this modest body of water. It is very pretty nevertheless These photos…

  23. Henschotermeer

    17 Oct 2016
    Just half an hour from my home lies this beautiful little lake surrounded by forest. In the summer it’s too busy for me, but as it turns out there’s hardly anybody in Autumn. So I took a tiny two hours holiday. More photos

  24. Ode to Utrecht, part two: 16mm f1.4

    07 Oct 2016
    I can’t believe how good and versatile this 16mm f1.4 lens is! The close focus range and the fast aperture combined with the XT2’s tilted screen lets me work all these different angles and perspectives. I spent two afternoons being a tourist in my hometown (Utrecht, The Netherlands) just walking…

  25. Utrecht = home

    04 Oct 2016
    20 years ago I moved to Utrecht, which means I’ve been living here for most of my life. Today was one of those beautiful early autumn days with the sun low in the sky and clouds like mountains. Work is slow this week, so why not go for an afternoon…

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