1. Film Photography

    2021-05-10 14:08:26 UTC
    Over the last year I’ve been exploring film photography and have been shooting analog for most of my personal work.  I’ve found the whole process a deeply humbling experience. If you think you’re a decent photographer, try shooting film for a bit :) Even though I’m slowly coming to the…

  2. Utrecht University Portfolio

    2021-05-10 13:33:20 UTC
    As most of you will know I’ve been working for Utrecht University for the past three years, hence this very outdated blog :) Because most of my time now is dedicated to my work for the University I though I’d share this portfolio here on Photos are Bullets to showcase…

  3. The Guardian: Earth Rover

    2018-10-30 12:16:38 UTC
    We made it to yet another newspaper. This time The Guardian published a lengthy article featuring one of the photos I took for Earth Rover.

  4. Google publishes my photo…

    2018-10-09 12:02:00 UTC
    …part of it at least so it still counts :)  I expect more photos to be published by Google soon as more information about their collaboration with Utrecht University is revealed. I’ll have to make sure they credit me this time. To be continued…

  5. Corsica

    2018-08-30 13:08:00 UTC
    You were hot and stormy and stole our hearts! We will see you again someday.

  6. Square1magazine

    2018-07-25 08:50:18 UTC
    A few weeks ago I had sooo much fun doing a fashion shoot for Square1magazine in Utrecht’s botanical gardens. Today I get to show you guys a preview of some of the best shots. The blistering hot mid-day sun did not slow us down as we run&gunned through 5 different…

  7. The stranded Sperm Whale

    2018-07-03 10:31:16 UTC
    As a photographer for the veterinary medicine faculty of Utrecht University, I see and have access to some pretty unusual situations. Last Wednesday I got to photograph a team of researchers and pathologists as they handled the stranding of a sperm whale weighing a meager 50.000 kilos! Quite the experience…

  8. The Pillowman

    2018-05-28 12:31:05 UTC
    Last Saturday I got to photograph The Pillowman’s dress rehearsal by Orange Theatre Company. Here are just a few of many many great moments. It’s at Westergastfabriek on June 8th & 9th. If you like theater make sure to go see it because these photos can’t do it justice. It’s…

  9. The Daily Mail: Earth Rover

    2018-05-28 12:19:14 UTC
    It’s not every day you get flown to the English countryside for a day to photograph an autonomous robot designed to revolutionise precision farming. We even made it in the papers:

  10. Jennifer McKinley-van Der Zee

    2018-04-16 11:53:00 UTC
    Even though it might seem easy, a good head shot is actually pretty challenging. Think about it; you’re basically putting the talent in a rather artificial setting against a backdrop with lights flashing in their faces while asking them to act completely natural. Not everyone can pull this off but…

  11. Voigtlander

    2018-03-29 11:46:00 UTC
    Sometimes I love to shoot from the hips. There’s a sense of freedom when you let go of composition and rely on chance instead. Most of what you come home with is crap, but there’s usually one or two that are just right. I couldn’t have framed these better if…

  12. Run & Gun

    2018-03-19 14:25:34 UTC
    I used to run a lot but lately I’ve been so immersed in photography that I couldn’t bring myself to go out and run, I always chose photography instead. But after a very cold weekend in Brussels, the sun came out today so to make the most out of it…

  13. Zugspitze

    2018-03-12 14:13:00 UTC
    Every year we go to where the snow sparkles like a million little suns. Unfortunately this year there weren’t that many opportunities to shoot but I still managed to fire off a few rounds :)

  14. Portraits for Pinar

    2018-02-27 12:37:09 UTC
    Pinar came by the studio last Saturday. What a pleasure it was working with someone who’s that comfortable in front of a camera. Not many people are and that definitely includes me. But Pinar works the camera like the pro she is. Have a look at her website and facebook…

  15. Orange Tea Theater’s ART

    2018-02-23 12:45:00 UTC
    Orange Tea Theater recently changed management. Art is their first production. They asked me to shoot the dress rehearsal so I got to see a sneek peak and it looked very very promising!! Tonight is the premiere so go see people!

  16. Casting Photos for Ariel Lichtenstein

    2018-02-21 12:21:00 UTC
    Ariel is a wonderful actress from New York. We met on the set of a production by Orange Theater Company based in Amsterdam where Ariel now lives. Thanks for a lovely afternoon, I hope your photos will get you loads of jobs :)

  17. Casting Photos for Jacqueline Nolan

    2018-02-18 13:00:00 UTC
    Jacqueline Nolan is an Irish actress and writer. We met when I photographed the poster for her theater production When Maggie Went Away, a play about Maggie, an Irish country girl, who secretly gives birth to a baby boy and is forced to give him away. Her journalist daughter…

  18. Voigtländer 21mm

    2018-02-07 22:18:00 UTC
    Voigtländer 21mm : New perspectiveUtrecht 04/02/18

  19. Casting Photos for Loveday Smith

    2018-02-07 20:45:00 UTC
    Have a look at this beautiful soul. Loveday Smith is not only an actress but also a writer, producer, musician and so much more. But most of all; she’s a friend.

  20. Cuba

    2018-01-08 20:28:00 UTC
    After coming back from a three weeks trip to Cuba, I have so much to say and it’s all contradictory. The ideals that once freed it from dictatorship, now hold it captive in a time capsule. Nowhere have I seen such vibrance and spirit with music and dance literally everywhere…

  21. Orange Tea Theatre’s RED

    2017-11-08 20:59:00 UTC
    Some shots I took during the technical run of Orange Tea Theatre’s new show ‘RED’ about Mark Rothko. I was super impressed by it so I highly recommend you guys go see it. First show is this Friday Nov 10-12 Beeldend Gesproken Galerie, de Hallen, AmsterdamNov 17-19 Charley’s, Nieuwe Kerkstraat…

  22. Jiska & Ewout

    2017-10-31 21:26:00 UTC
    A beautiful wedding of two beautiful people very much in love. Stay tuned, more photos to come!

  23. España

    2017-10-14 20:12:00 UTC
    A few shots from my time in Spain with Mister Mike Wojniak. Just a holiday this time, no work for either of us like on these last two tours: Great Britain Tour and South-West USA Tour.

  24. Orange Tea Theater’s Planet Everything

    2017-09-07 20:36:00 UTC
    Production shots from Amsterdam Fringe Festival production of “Everything” at the Polanentheater

  25. Wedding Henrike & Adam

    2017-09-05 20:47:00 UTC
    Two gorgeous people at their gorgeous wedding. Full album coming soon

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