Film Photography

Over the last year I’ve been exploring film photography and have been shooting analog for most of my personal work.  I’ve found the whole process a deeply humbling experience. If you think you’re a decent photographer, try shooting film for a bit :) Even though I’m slowly coming to the point where I’m feeling confident and comfortable enough to start accepting paid work in this medium, I’ll mainly be using it for personal work. I find the poetic nature of film photography ideally suited for more personal work. With film you are never sure of the result like you are with digital by being able to instantly see the result on your lcd screen. You have to imagine what the result will be but only after having the film developed will you know if you had it right. Sometimes the results are just the way you imagined them to be. Sometimes the results are disappointing. Sometimes the results are even better than imagined. It is this uncertainty that mimics the uncertainty in life that makes it poetic and perfect for personal work. Or I’m just a kid from the 80’s (actually ‘79 but who’s counting) and all my early memories were recorded on film… who knows?

This photo was shot on a Mamiya 6mf with 50mm lens and 35mm panoramic adapter on Silbersalz35 500t cinema film.

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