1. Fuji walks on water

    21 Sep 2016
    I am not a religious man, but this new camera I’ve bought moves me in mysterious ways. I am seriously thinking of switching system completely and going all in with Fuji. This camera can walk on water, it is that tiny and lightweight without compromising in quality at all. My…

  2. The Wedding

    21 Sep 2016
    I shot the most amazing wedding the other day in Amsterdam. Now there are weddings where the day leaves little room for spontaneity and you can’t help wondering if this really is the best day in their lives, well this was certainly not one of those. They were a beautiful…

  3. The Energy Project

    21 Sep 2016
    Right next to ‘De Magere Brug’ in Amsterdam, there is this cool company called The Energy Project, where the people in suits walk barefoot, bicycles hang from the walls and their dog roams free… my kinda workplace :) Great working for you guys!  

  4. Maurice Le Noir Presents

    21 Sep 2016
    At the Fringe Festival in Amsterdam this year, I was asked to photograph Loveday Smith’s play ‘Maurice Le Noir Presents; A conflict in Concretism’. What a Brilliant play it was!  Check out this place for future shows

  5. Beverly

    23 Aug 2016
    Look at this lovely lady in her wonderful new home and her cute little doggy! It was a joy to shoot you Beverly, see you at the party!

  6. Headshot

    20 Aug 2016
    Even in something as plain as a headshot for work, that took only about 3 minutes to shoot, she looks spectacular. Lucky man I am.

  7. Jeu de boules

    11 Jul 2016
    Last Saturday I was booked by the Dutch Jeu de Boules association to take photos of the Dutch National Youth Team in Zeist. I bet you didn’t know we had any! Well we do and they have got serious skills.

  8. Karolina & Lou Lechuga

    11 Jul 2016
    Two years ago Karolina rescued Lou from the streets of Nicaragua where Lou was left for dead as a puppy just barely old enough to walk. Now both are living happily ever after in Amsterdam. Time for a photo!

  9. Borderlands

    04 Jul 2016
    Orange Tea Theater’s production Borderlands. What a very cool theater group they are! Follow them on Facebook or visit to learn more about upcoming productions in Amsterdam.

  10. Signing Ceremony

    04 Jul 2016
    I love how photography brings me to places or events I would otherwise have never been to. Like this signing ceremony in the Hilton for instance, where I was hired to document the signing of a deal between two renewable energy companies in their quest to close the demand-supply gap…

  11. Raphael Rodan

    29 Jun 2016
    Today I had Raphael Rodan come over to the studio for head shots. Raphael is a storyteller from Israel, based in Amsterdam. Have a look at his website or better yet, go see one of his shows!

  12. Beverly

    23 Jun 2016
    Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting Beverly. What a lovely lady she is! She won this photoshoot two years ago at a fundraiser for Orange Tea Theater, so it’s been a long time coming. 

  13. Maurice Le Noir Presents

    02 Jun 2016
    Had a fun morning with the wonderful Loveday Smith, creating posters for her new solo show at the Amsterdam Fringe Theater Festival. It’s called “Maurice Le Noir Presents: Untitled (a conflict with concretism)”. It’s a comedy about one woman performing a piece written for two performers, whilst playing the trumpet…

  14. Retouch Wednesday

    25 May 2016

  15. Retouch Monday

    23 May 2016
    Ronnie Julianto

  16. Retouch Sunday

    22 May 2016

  17. Luuk

    14 May 2016
    Yesterday Luuk came by for a shoot. With his portrait he also needed a photo to represent him business wise without it looking too much like a boring Linkedin profile pic. Something stylish yet professional. Oh and did I mention he brought me cocktails (hint to all new customers…)? 

  18. Pentax k1

    09 May 2016
    After waiting for months for it to be finally shipped, my new camera, the Pentax K1, finally arrived this Saturday, as did beautiful spring weather. After chilling in the sunshine the whole day and not playing with it, I took my first shots that evening during an impromptu little shoot…

  19. MissBehave

    30 Apr 2016
    This Monday I had the pleasure of having MissBehave  -hairdresser extraordinaire- in front of my camera… looking fabulous and mysterious like a time-traveler from a Humphrey Bogart movie. More photos

  20. Mireille

    25 Apr 2016
    Patient as she is pretty, my very own headshot-test-bunny.

  21. Scraping the sky

    19 Apr 2016
    I’ve just come back from a trip visiting friends in New York. It was my first time. What an amazing city it is and how strangely familiar. It must also be one of the most photographed cities so it’s pretty hard not to produce cliche photographs, but hey… I’m a…

  22. Esther O’Toole

    02 Apr 2016
    This morning I had the pleasure of photographing Esther O’Toole, co-founder of QUINT-CREATIVE, playwright, writer and friend. Have a look at for loads of interesting futuristic stuff.

  23. New lights, new possibilities

    26 Mar 2016
    New lights arrived today, Profoto it is. Thought I’d give them a spin with my friend Laurens who stopped by for a beer. I’m loving the B2’s! Who’s next?

  24. Head shots for the lovely Leila Gray

    19 Mar 2016
    The other day I took some head shots for the lovely Leila Gray. It was a lovely sunny winter’s day and luckily Theeschenkerij de Tuinkamer was nice enough to let us shoot at her lovely little cafe right in the middle of ‘Park Oog en Al’ in Utrecht Leila is…

  25. New lights

    15 Mar 2016
    I picked up new lights yesterday. No more strobes but continuous light. Had to give them a go of course. I must say, this looks very promising.. although it’s very hard to mess it up with a model as gorgeous as this one. 

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