1. Mountains & Clouds

    25 Jan 2016
    Just got back from a skiing trip in Austria. So lucky to have had so much snow. The mountains, the mist and all that whiteness, it’s all so mesmerizing. Hopefully, at one point in my life, I get to live in the mountains for a little while. More photos

  2. Kumasi

    29 Dec 2015
    Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice.  - Nelson Mandela

  3. 8000 followers on instagram!

    09 Dec 2015
    Join 8000 others by following me on instagram or like my facebook page… or do both! I’m posting a single photo each day on both platforms. See you there!

  4. Valerie

    06 Dec 2015
    After training hard for six months straight, Valerie needed photos to enter into her first international fitness contest. Good luck Valerie, bring home the trophy! 

  5. Laurens

    16 Nov 2015
    One could argue that your portrait is best made by he who knows you best. He who is able to tell if ripples on your surface are caused by diving deep or merely by the wind.

  6. Chris

    10 Nov 2015
    What a gorgeous family they are! Chris surprised her man with a secret photo shoot one rainy autumn morning. 

  7. Madame de Pompadour

    20 Oct 2015
    This Friday I took some portraits at Madame de Pompadour’s beautiful salon in Utrecht. She had a vintage hairstyling workshop and asked me to capture the results by taking photos of the ladies attending. Considering the fact I  had only 1 light and 5 minutes per portrait, it turned out…

  8. Mike Wojniak: Great Britain tour 2015

    06 Oct 2015
    So the full album from Mike Wojniak’s tour through Great Britain is online. In this ongoing project I follow Mike as he tours through the United States and other parts of the world. This time I followed him to Scotland, Wales and England from September 14th till September 28th. I…

  9. Agnesz Anna Cruel World

    04 Oct 2015
    A few months ago I took photos for Agnesz Anna’s new ep called Cruel World. Tonight is the launch party in ‘De Melkweg’ in Amsterdam. Congratulations Agnesz! Download Cruel World on iTunes More photos

  10. Britain tour with Mike Wojniak

    19 Sep 2015
    So I’m on this tour with the wonderful Mike Wojniak and we just got back from the Scottish Highlands where we stayed with Rod and Penny in a mesmerizing little place called Appin. Will post a full album once we get back, but here are is one already, all the…

  11. Marrit

    03 Sep 2015
    Every now and again parents will ask you for a recent photo, that’s when I come into the picture.

  12. The Man of Steel

    31 Aug 2015
    Friday evening Tom Staal, Utrecht’s own talkshow host, tv reporter and radio man, sat on a chair in front of my black backdrop. I’ll let him explain the rest… in Dutch (sorry) “Nog eentje dan, wederom van Bas Niemans Je zit dan wel twee uur stil, maar damn, dit wordt

  13. Paluka

    29 Aug 2015
    Paluka is a talent and development outfit located in the middle of the woods. So when they ask you for portraits of all the staff, what do you do? Yes, you head into the woods!

  14. Announcing GEONATUUR

    20 Aug 2015
    I am pleased to announce ‘Geonatuur’, a series of 5 collaborative works, between graphic designer Paul Wolterink and myself. The works are a mix of sharp photographic prints, shot in the overwhelming landscape of Yosemite, combined with a top layer of glass-clear translucent vinyl floating 3 millimeters above the photo-prints…

  15. Dragonfly

    19 Aug 2015
    Experimenting with new techniques for a new project. More photos

  16. Francesca fantauzzi

    15 Aug 2015
    The gorgeous Francesca Fantauzzi from came by for a little afternoon shoot and some homemade icetea. With eyes like that my job is like stealing candy from a baby! More photos

  17. El Flaco

    09 Aug 2015
    A quick and dirty portrait of my beautiful Nicaraguan friend Chepito. Come back soon, flaco!

  18. Yoyas

    04 Aug 2015
    I had a great time yesterday, shooting Yoyas’s beautiful food (no, not only because I could taste it afterwards, although that surely helped). They truly are a passionate bunch! If you live in the Zaandam area, be sure to pay them a visit! More photos Yoyas on facebook

  19. Casting photos for mr Alexander

    01 Aug 2015
    But what makes a good casting photo? There’s a big difference between an artistic portrait and a headshot for casting purposes. We want to portray the real you, not a romanticized or over edited version of you. Overall we are looking for an open and kind expression, someone people would…

  20. Wildflowers

    22 Jul 2015
    Yesterday, while running, I passed through this amazing field full of wildflowers. I just had to go back and bring some home. Earth laughs in flowers.-Ralph Waldo Emerson

  21. La belle Joëlle

    11 Jul 2015
    “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”-Phyllis Diller More photos

  22. Life in the Shadows

    09 Jul 2015
    Today I made this photo for This is the second photo in a conceptual series in which I portray some of the foundation’s clients to show how implementing generic immigration policies in individual cases can lead to absurdity Life in the Shadows, shows a man from Sierra Leone who…

  23. Mister Julianto

    10 Jun 2015
    Yesterday Ronnie Julianto from The Ink Warriors came by for a shoot. I realized tattoos are much like photos, they tell your version of the story and every time you look at them, they bring you back in time. More photos

  24. Lovely Mireille

    21 May 2015
    “A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen More photos

  25. Instagram #16

    05 May 2015
    Don’t you just love the fact that by being born in The Netherlands, through no accomplishment of your own, you can travel to basically anywhere in the world? Granted, some embassies make you stand in line for a visa somewhat longer than other embassies will, and then when it’s finally…

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